our vision

build tomorrow's most exciting ventures by connecting young, ambitious and well-connected entrepreneurs globally

our reach

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our beliefs

    1. rocket

      think big

      We started Plexus as 2 college students with nothing but a vision and high ambitions. We believe young people should take risks and pursue their big ideas

    1. team


      We believe in the power of collaboration and commit to supporting each other via our network, expertise and opportunities. Even/Especially when things to bad

    1. globe


      Globlal problems mean Global solutions. Global interests should always be prioritised over national interest.


our trust

Trust is at the center of our community. That's why we are exclusive and only recommended members fitting certain criteria can join.

our chapters

London - Prague - Karachi - Manila

We have local communities in London with regular internal meetups where members help each
other out and discuss business opportunities as well as public events.

our online platform

We bring all Plexus members together online via our private Facebook group. Private platform is coming soon.

what WHAT

our leadership team

    1. Jad Bennani LinkedIn

      Mujtaba Fayyaz

      Co-Fouder / Director in Plexus Global

      I was once told by a university professor that what's the purpose of you chosing to study in London? I said quality education. His reply was 'bullshit'. If you want to make the most out of your time. Build a network that you can count as an investment of a lifetime. That's the vision behind co-founding Plexus. It's been only 2 years since the beginning of my Entrepreneurial journey and I can see how the skills and knowledge attained from this communtiy is helping me grow my business.

    1. Jad Bennani LinkedIn

      Jad Bennani

      Co-Fouder / Director in Plexus Global

      I strongly believe in the power of communities. We are meant to live in tribes and the world needs more of it right now. Everything I do is about bringing people together. In Tramigos, I make solo-travelers feel at home in every country they visit via our invite-only platform

    1. Vit Soural LinkedIn

      Vit Soural

      Director in Plexus Global, London & Prague

      I believe that persistence and consistency is the key to any success. I am obsessed with productivity hacks and always seek to use my time as efficiently as possible. There is so much potential in all Plexus members and having the opportunity to work with them is a great honour. My team and I are currently working on Flat Zone, we are building a centralised platform for real estate data.

    1. Christian Dosoudil LinkedIn

      Christian Dosoudil

      Director of PLX Prague

      Life is the best game you can get. Either you play according to established rules or you write your own. Everybody enjoys playing differently. ... in both cases you can win. In Plexus we set our rules to make world better place. I am part of many projects as Papíromat (- stationery vending machines), Belcode (- app development studio) and many more.